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Seven years.  That’s how long I’ve officially had my business.  Like one with a website and a Tax ID and real paying customers.

Thirteen and 1/2 years.  That’s how long I’ve been lucky enough to be home with my 4 kiddos.

Ten years.  That’s how long I worked on building up my budding career with GE in Human Resources before I left when Corey was born.

Seven days.  That’s how long I have until I return to my career on a regular basis as the HR Director for a small, local company and leave my life as a WAHM.  Seven. Days.


For the past three years, I’ve worked part time seasonally in HR for a group at State Fair.  It’s been an incredible experience that took me from my previous HR life of corporate management, powerpoint presentations, and a lot of travel to a new HR focus of problem solving, family-owned business dynamics, and quick change.  I’ve loved every minute of it.  I’ve loved feeling useful and making a difference.  And since I cried (like, seriously bawled) on the last day of my first day, I’ve wished for a way to make that feeling last the whole year.

And now is my chance.

I’ve accepted an opportunity that allows me to make a difference in a family-owned business that is in a similar industry.  It’s part time…allowing me to be home every day when my kids get in and have Friday’s off.  I can’t imagine a better transition opportunity as I return to “the workforce.”

Having said that, I will not be giving up Illustrations Photography.   Yes, I will take on fewer clients and commissions and my structure may change a bit down the road but for now, I’m still here.  For those of you who have sessions coming up or gift certificates to use up, don’t worry!  Still here.  Still a photographer.

I especially look forward to continuing with families that I’ve grown close to over the years as I’ve watched your children grow.  It’s an honor and a privilege every time someone books me and a true gift when someone chooses to return to me time after time.  It’s my favorite part of being a photographer.

Thank you.  For reading.  For your support through the years.  For your patience with me if I’m less responsive, particularly in the early days of my transition.  And for helping me to be a work at home Mom for so long.  Despite all the self-doubt and insecurity that comes with running an artistic-based business, I’m incredibly proud of where I am and what I’ve done over the past 7+ years.  And I’m definitely not ready to say good-bye.

Instead…. Enjoy!


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