BFF Program

The best compliment I’ve received since I started doing photography came from a client last winter when she said she would be sending me her Christmas photo card because I’m “her family photographer.”   Those words made me feel so good and also made me realize that that is exactly what I want to be….YOUR family photographer.

I LOVE getting to know you and your kids and I want to watch them grow!   Correct that, I want to CAPTURE them growing and fill your house with beautiful images of your kids over the years. With that in mind and as I head into my 2nd year of business, I’m introducing a new program called BFF.  Ok, so I don’t have to be your ACTUAL Best Friend Forever, but I would like to be your Best FOTO Friend Forever!   What do you think??

Here’s how it works….You pay a one time fee to cover your family and it entitles you to all of the following benefits FOREVER:

~  20% off Session Fees

~ 15% off all print orders

~ Discounted digital images (see here for details)

~ The option of a mini-session anytime at 40% of a full price session

~ No purging of images

~ First notice of all Special Events / Promotions and BFF discounts applied ON TOP of sales/promos

So what does it take to become a BFF of Illustrations Photography?   There is a one time fee for an immediate family with up to 3 children* for $149.   That’s it!  You’ll earn that back in discounts in NO TIME!!!

* If your family is larger, just add $50 per additional child.

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